Eric Saber

Product Designer

Hi, I'm Eric and I'm a designer. I make things work better for people.

More about me

Hi there! My name is Eric and I'm a Product Designer currently working for FCB Health. I entered this field because I love to help people and I love good design. I arrive at each project with a natural curiosity and sense of empathy, but the real strength of my work is my ability to translate a client’s needs into something that works for both them and their users. In previous roles, I worked to creatively solve my clients' unique challenges and I bring this same tailored approach to my design work.

Before graduating from Flatiron School with a focus on UI Design, I started my own company as a professional organizer. Before that, I spent a decade as an account executive helping arts organizations build their businesses more efficiently through CRM and SaaS.

When I’m not designing, I’m probably trying to convince someone to watch ‘Dark’ on Netflix, listening to The Strokes or Weezer, or geeking out on pop culture.

Looking to make your product work better? Interested in watching the best German-language sci-fi show ever? (Spoiler: It’s ‘Dark’)

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